SuperU Civil Society Organization (NGO) has been founded on 2 August 2017 in Bratunac as a response to the needs of youth and adults to further educate themselves through non-formal learning.

SuperU achieved results





01. Objectives

a) promotion and support to intercultural education of children and adults especially in the field of foreign languages;

b) raising awarness about environmental issues and importance of environment preservation as well as creation of conditions for development of tourist potentials of the municipality and the area;

c) conceptualizing and drafting of the strategies to support the youth and elderly people in overcoming post war traumas as well as traumas caused by social changes and social-economic difficulties.

02. Mission

SuperU mission is improvement of economic, social and cultural aspect of the young people and adults in the municipality of Bratunac and neighbouring municipalities, promoting activism, contributing to enviromental protection, finding and answer to current social-economic difficulties, creating equal possibilities for all Bratunac citizens to educate themselves, participate in cultural activities, find jobs as well as promotion of human rights and social inclusion.

03. Vision

SuperU vision are educated and empowered citizens who lead their local communities and the municipality towards development by using their skills and activism.