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Foreign language courses!

SuperU organizes foreign language courses for children and adults

Regular courses take place on the premises of SuperU which are equipped with interactive board so SuperU students could follow the content easily and take part in interactive activities like games, videos and music during the classes. The classes take place twice a week and one group gathers around 7 to 12 students. Regular English and German language courses are divided into 6 levels (A1 – B2) according to Common European Framework of Reference established by the Council of Europe (CEFR). These courses are designed for students who need assistance with school curriculum, promotion at work as well as general improvement of foreign language knowledge.

Prospective students can take a placement test at the beginning of a course so we could place them in the appropriate course of English and German language.Every class starts with listening and reading exercises, and then students answer questions about the text, do reading comprehension and listening comprehension exercises and learn new grammar and vocabulary. At the end, we encourage speaking exercises while writing tasks are usually assigned for homework. With this kind of classes, we prepare students for taking standardized foreign language tests which consist of all these parts.

At the end of each level, SuperU students receive a certificate of attendance for the level they have attended that school year.

SuperU Civil Society Organization (NGO) has been founded on 2 August 2017 in Bratunac as a response to the...

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Acquire knowledge

Every single word you learn expands your vocabulary. Therefore, it increases your confidence in communication with other people.

Lifelong learning

Researches show that learning languages leads to better development of the certain areas of the brain and prevents dementia.

Have fun

Learning languages in groups encourage students to teach others and also to learn from others.